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The main purpose of this website is to educate the public on the subject of dance clubs as well as techno music. It is hoped that once the reader has gone through every article their knowledge on this exciting topic will have been enriched. The site content is written in simple English, free from jargon so that practically everyone can enjoy it.

What Is Techno?

Techno is a popular form of dance music that can be traced back to the USA during the 1980s. At the time young African American music artists in Detroit were inspired by European electro. They ended up developing techno by experimenting with different hybrid genres. However, it did not become popular worldwide until the 1990s.

The German group Kraftwerk were an important influence. So too was Chicago house music. Pioneering DJs Juan Atkins, Derrick May and several others helped to spread techno during its early days. At the time the genre favoured instrumental sections rather than vocals. However, modern techno pop will usually feature a lead singer predominantly.

Changing The Sound

Examples of some of the first techno hits include Good Life by Inner City, Strings of Life by Rhythm Is Rhythm and No UFOs by Model 500. These tracks became exceedingly popular on European dance floors and helped to change the sound of modern pop music. Their complex beats made disco seem outdated in comparison.

As techno began to gain recognition as a dominant genre in clubs, producers took the sound in a harder direction. Dreamy sounds were replaced with aggressive riffs. The textures of tracks also started using more samples. Joey Beltram became a prominent musician in this new sound which is now called hardcore techno.

By the end of the 20th century, techno had established itself as one of the biggest forms of Western music. It is now part of numerous sub-genres. Pop superstars will regularly create techno songs in order to appeal to a mass audience. Meanwhile the techno sound continues to be experimented with by underground bands.

What Are Dance Clubs?

Dance clubs are entertainment venues where music is played. They usually have a dance floor area for patrons to interact with others. Sometimes they have a DJ booth where the disc jockey can play recorded pop music. Other dance clubs contain stages so that live bands are able to perform.

The majority of dance clubs have bars so that customers can drink alcohol. Because of this, clubs tend to only permit people who are of legal drinking age. In the UK this is 18, but in places such as America it can be as high as 21 years old. Most dance clubs also open during nighttime hours and have their peak activity over the weekend.

More upmarket venues will contain a VIP section. These are areas specifically reserved for special guests such as celebrities. Security is handled by staff members known as bouncers who have the power to physically remove unwanted people. Bouncers will check the ID of customers at the door to ensure they are not underage. They also sometimes refuse entry to people who do not meet the dress code.

Rather than play a broad range, dance clubs tend to only focus on one music genre. Some of the biggest ones include techno, hip hop, house and heavy metal. Sticking to one type of music helps to solidify the brand of the venue. Throughout the week a club may have recurring theme nights in order to keep potential patrons interested.

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Dance clubs are places to have a good time. However, they are not without their hidden dangers. There are numerous hazards that patrons need to be aware of in order to stay as safe as possible. One of the articles on this site details some of the most important dangers found in clubs.

This includes dark areas where dancers could fall over, potential thieves operating in the club and the disturbing trend of having drinks spiked. Alcohol is another issue that is delved into. The article explains that binge drinking is not a smart idea and that hydration is important to help alleviate a hangover.


Another section is concerned with how dance clubs have been used in various movies. These locations appear in a surprisingly wide range of films including comedy, action, horror and biopics. Often the large open space is utilised for action set pieces, especially gunfights. Some good examples of this are listed and discussed.

They cover a long timeline so that readers can see that dance clubs have been used in films for many decades. The article will be useful for people who want to understand the history of clubbing in relation to popular culture. The list itself is also ideal for those who want great movie recommendations.


The techno genre is one of the most popular forms of modern music. Many different kinds of artists have produced techno and electro tracks. One of the site articles lists some of the most significant bands and singers of this type. It will be of particular interest for readers who love pop music. Artists both old and new are looked at, giving readers a broad look at techno talent. This includes veteran duo Pet Shop Boys and the very recent group GUNSHIP. Hopefully the article will allow people to discover tracks they have never heard before.

Computer Games

Techno music was an important part of classic video games. This is because at the time these games could only be created with a limited about of memory space. Electronically created songs were considered the most efficient option. As a result some of the most memorable computer games have distinctly techno soundtracks.

Even when other forms of music became available, designers still often favoured techno in their games. A section of the website looks at several examples of this genre in games. It covers the late 80s to modern times. Some of the hit titles talked about include Streets Of Rage, Grand Theft Auto and Portal.