Dance Clubs in Movies

Dance clubs have featured in many different types of movies over the years. This has included comedies, biopics, science fiction films and many others. Often these venues are used for action-packed set pieces.


Al Pacino plays Tony Montana, a crime lord in this classic 80s film. When Tony rises to become a serious player in the Miami underworld he begins visiting a night club called the Babylon. Eventually, a rival sends out gunmen to assassinate him at this club. He manages to escape after an exciting gunfight.

Saturday Night Fever

Saturday Night Fever is a classic 70s drama which follows a working-class man. By day he is a paint store clerk, but during the evenings he heads down to the local disco and escapes his troubles through the power of dance. The night club is called 2001 Odyssey. It is where some of the most iconic dance sequences in cinema history take place.

A Night At The Roxbury

This is one of the earliest comedy movies to star Will Ferrell. He plays one of two brothers who are obsessed with the 90s dance scene. His main ambition is to get into an exclusive night club called the Roxbury. Once he meets the owner of the club, he is given a new job redesigning the Roxbury’s interior. This film features some of the biggest techno songs of the 90s.

The Social Network

This biopic details the origins of Facebook. In several scenes, the entrepreneur Mark Zuckerberg is shown inside a club. During one scene, he discusses business with another character played by Justin Timberlake. The music ends up being so loud that the dialogue is difficult to hear. Several critics praised the scene for its realistic sound design.


Robocop is set in the near future when crime is destroying the city of Detroit. A fatally injured police officer is turned into a cyborg and decides to avenge his attackers. His investigations lead him to a night club where he drags out and arrests a criminal. The other patrons are so entranced by the music that they continue dancing.


The opening of Blade follows a man who is invited to an exclusive club. Unfortunately for him, it is infested with vampires. The sprinkler system goes off, filling the dance floor with blood. Luckily the man is rescued by a vampire hunter called Blade, who fights off numerous attackers, completely clearing the club.