Techno Dancing is the Way to Go

Techno music is usually classified with fast, contemporary dance moves. And it’s not uncommon for most clubs to play techno music because it’s entertaining and will undoubtedly attract people to the dance floor and cause people to pull off a few moves.

Techno Dance Moves

Great dance moves that are mostly associated with techno music include Time to Jack, House Dance 2004, and Loft.


Loft is a little bit challenging athletically. This techno dance style is unique in that it accentuates amazing body control and continuous dance steps. If you’re a freestyler, bust out your gym shoes and pull off some moves to impress the audience. Consider playing Bingo at and get a chance to listen and even dance to some of the best techno-themed tunes.

Time to Jack

This dance move borrows largely from the popular Chicago dance style, which is known as “jacking.” In this style, you centre your movements on your waist and other specific body parts. Like Loft, you can push your body to the limit to express subtle, or large movements. Speeds may vary depending on what you prefer.

House Dance 2004

Tone McGregor is the creator of House Dance 2004. It combines classic rhythm movements and updated house steps to bring about techno dancing styles not before seen. The music itself includes subtle kick-outs, background beats, electronic tones, sharp body beats, and other entertaining accentuation.

Find Your Style

The good thing about techno music and dance is freedom. Step on the dance floor and go freestyle. You may end up creating the best techno dance move in history. No need to be afraid or to feel ashamed to express your style. It won’t take long before other people copy your style and apply it to different tunes.

Next time you’re in London, be sure to experience the best of techno music and dance in these clubs:

  • Ministry of Sound
  • Cargo
  • XOYO
  • Fabric London