Techno Music in Computer Games

Techno music is regularly used in video games to build up a sense of excitement and pace. During the early years of the medium, both electro and techno were the favoured soundtracks due to technical limitations. Today the techno genre is still prevalent in games because of its wide popularity in real life. There are many video games worth playing which feature techno tracks. Sometimes these are original pieces of music. Other times they are techno hits from well-known artists. Online igaming websites, in particular, play outstanding music.

Streets Of Rage

In this beat ’em up game, players take control of three heroes who walk through a city, fighting crime. Released in 1991, it is still revered for its synth soundtrack. When the game loads up, a high tempo beat starts playing. A variation of this is used as background noise for each level. It was composed by the Japanese musician, Yuzo Koshiro.

The Grand Theft Auto Series

Techno music has been a vital part of the GTA series since the very first game came out in 1997. Originally these tracks were simple and created in-house. However, later instalments featured pop hits from artists such as Corona, All Saints and INXS. These tunes can be heard on the radio when players enter a vehicle.

Some of these games contain casinos where players can gamble with fictional money. It is useful to practise before trying out a real gaming website which uses real money. Interestingly, players can hear great music while participating in both fictional and real-world gambling.

The Max Payne Series

In the Max Payne trilogy, a former detective investigates criminal underworlds. His journey occasionally takes him to nightclubs where high octane shoot outs end up taking place. Original techno can be heard playing during these levels. The third game has an unusually high number of techno tracks, especially in the ambient soundtrack.

Hitman: Blood Money

This game is about an assassin who must complete a variety of missions. He often needs to sneak into locations to eliminate targets. In one of the final levels, he gatecrashes a party. It takes place underground where patrons are dancing next to a giant shark tank. Industrial techno can be heard playing.


In this puzzle game, players must solve navigational problems with the use of a gun which can create portals. The electro-infused soundtrack is considered by many critics to be one of the best. It was composed by Mike Morasky and Kelly Bailey.

Golden Axe

Golden Axe is a fantasy game which came out in 1989. Due to technological limitations, the score had to be electronically created, instead of with an orchestra. It now stands out as iconic, classic game music.